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Funky Chicken lays a Golden Egg for the Evergreen!

It has become a tradition for Tidal Funk to perform a fund raising concert for the Evergreen Theatre and the popularity of this event is evident by the full house they attract every year. They have been described as the “free-range” hens of the musical barnyard, with musical styles ranging from jazz-blues improv to alt-country and farther. See the photo gallery of the performance here or read on for my impressions of the performance.

Tidal Funk had belly dancers this year!

They launched their show with what seemed a crowd of musicians on the stage and then they brought on the belly dancers with their elaborate draping and undraping of scarves, exotic, sinuous bodies and lithe movements. (This really worked astonishingly well considering that they were dancing to a a medley of Rock and Roll tunes including “Who Do You Love”! The colours of the dancers’ clothing gave this an oriental feel, combined as it was with the Persian carpet on the floor and the set they had brought with them.

Many of the songs we heard that night were composed by local musician Roger Ellis and you can hear a bit of the song “Home Improvements” recorded on the night on the photo gallery here.

Thank you all, including Willie Drennan, a guest performer from Ireland, for coming out and entertaining us in this exuberant and enthusiastic fashion to raise funds for the Evergreen. It was really appreciated.


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