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Old Man Luedecke – Things ARE Going His Way

Referring to his recent Juno award win in a comment during his concert, Chris (Old Man) Luedecke quipped that he couldn’t help feeling that he must have pulled the wool over a lot of people’s eyes to win it. In that case he is a master at the wool-pulling art as his Evergreen Theatre audience was absolutely delighted with his performance. A quick link to the photo gallery can be found here. For those who want to read on for more about the performance.

Old Man Luedecke
Old Man Luedecke

Although it was weeks ago that we saw it, this concert stands out in my mind as a highlight of the year. I love the skillful use of words and Chris Luedecke is a wordsmith in his songwriting and his onstage banter in a way that has a simple but powerful effect. His award winning songwriting and singing, accompanied by his banjo playing have a way of leaving you humming and smiling as you leave the concert just plain feeling good!

A favourite track of mine from Old Man Luedecke’s award winning CD “Proof of Love” is “Ain’t Going My Way”. All evidence points to the contrary for Chris Luedecke, so I have featured another track on his gallery, another favourite of mine, “Just Like a River”. As he says in a line in that track he’ll “win them with song”. And win them he did! At the Juno’s and at the Evergreen Theatre. So keep winning them, Chris.

Thanks for a great night, Chris. Come back soon. Photo gallery can be viewedhere.

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