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Little Miss Higgins – A breath of prairie blues in high button boots!

If I had to use one word to describe Little Miss (lightning fingers) Higgins’ performance it would be.. fantastic.. sassy.. provocative.. tight.. charismatic.. vibrant! (oops! I guess one word just won’t cut it! ;o)) We see a lot of great musicians over the season at the Evergreen Theatre and I might seem to enthuse too much about them all. If it looks as if excellence is the new ordinary, it’s because each performer that I am so excited about is special in their own field or genre. In the case of Little Miss Higgins, she has the country blues genre all sewn up. A quick link to the photo gallery can be found here, featuring the track “Dirty Ol Tractor Song” from her live CD “Two Nights in March”. For those who want to read on for more about the performance.

Little Miss Higgins at the Evergreen Theatre

Little Miss Higgins

Playing their exciting guitar licks and bluesy stompbox beat with partner Foy Taylor Little Miss fairly filled the Evergreen with stories and songs of Prairie town and country life which were refreshing to our thirsty Atlantic Canadian ears. This live wire lady tore into the first set with “Give Your Mama One Smile” and then gave us “In the Middle of Nowhere” and “Velvet Barley Bed” and we were right there watching those Prairie fields with her. Particular favourites of mine of the evening (and her live CD) were “Killer Diller” by Memphis Minnie, “Slug on My Boot”, “Bargain Shop Panties”, “Liar, Liar”. .. truth is they all felt like my favourites when I was listening to them!

Little Miss Higgins
Little Miss Higgins

The performance was tight and exciting and we really hope she comes back to the Evergreen again. NEVER pass up the chance to see Little Miss Higgins.

Thanks to both of you for a great Evergreen night. Photo gallery can be viewed here.


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