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Pure Enérgie… Acadian Style!

(View gallery)A large Acadian family brought a traditional Kitchen Party to the Evergreen Theatre last weekend and the atmosphere was charged with the incredible energy of La Famille Arseneault.

La Famille Arseneault in the Evergreen Theatre

From the oldest members, Emerie and Bella (grandfather and grandmother, whose picture you see above) through their children and down to the youngest grandchild, everyone took part in this lively and entertaining evening, dancing and playing an interesting (and not always traditional) array of musical instruments. In the photo gallery of their show that you see on the Evergreen Theatre page, you will get a chance to hear their music with a track from their CD “La Famille Arseneault, Ca Swing Encore!” and see photos of the performance.

In the second half audience members were invited to join them to take part in the performance and the stage was lined with children and adults alike playing spoons and bones and even dancing. The family radiated an infectious enthusiasm that none in the audience could resist and at times the clapping and stamping to the beat vied with the music coming from the stage.

This was a most enjoyable evening, thank you all for bringing your Kitchen to our theatre!



Comment from Norm Arseneault
Time: July 22, 2007, 12:28 pm

I would like to say i am truely impressed with your hospitallity and the warm reception we recieved from all in margertsville .I would like to congradulate Steven and Ellie for there remakable work and artistic endevores… truely outstanding…I also have a passion for art and photography 🙂 u have sparked me to restart something I lost when i was younger …thxx… norm ..laFamilleArseneault…

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