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David Francey – “To Tell the Truth”

The Evergreen Theatre in Margaretsville was host for the first time to Canadian Singer songwriter David Francey and the audience was delighted to welcome him to that wonderful venue. David’s performance style reminds me of the mediaeval bards or minstrels who wandered the countryside, telling tales and singing songs of places near and far to delight and entertain and provoke thought.David Francey at the Evergreen Theatre

(View Gallery) Friday night we were treated to a musical tour of the world that took us through story and song to Alaska, Edmonton, Oregon, the Great Lakes (on a boat), Quebec City, Cape Breton and Scotland. His stories wove their way effortlessly from spoken word to song and we were spellbound as he related events great and small that stirred memories and touched our deepst emotions. An expression that is often repeated in his stories is “to tell the truth” and that is just what David does straight from his heart to yours. In his song ‘Conversation’ which is featured on his photo gallery, relating the tale of meeting an old flame, he used a line that I think all of us would want to hear from such an encounter as we feel age creeping up on us “Hasn’t time been kind to you”. His tale of the death of his grandfather, along with the song that came from it, Promised Land, reminds us of old family values that still have the same meaning today. His relaxed style and the easy harmonies of his music (supplied by singer songwriter Craig Werth) had the audience singing along to old favourites (Old Screen Door, Red Winged Blackbird) as well as new, such as All Lights Burning Bright from his new album “Right of Passage”. In the photo gallery of this performance you will see an unusual instrument called a Shruti box played by Craig. This lovely reed instrument from India lent an exotic sound to the evening with its rich drone reminiscent of the pipes.

Thank you for a wonderful evening, David and Craig. I hope your wanderings bring you back to the theatre in the woods in Margaretsville soon again.



Comment from bookyeti
Time: June 19, 2007, 10:19 am

Sounds like an enjoyable evening with great music. Thanks for the excellent photos!

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