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Erin Costelo – the Tapestry tribute

Erin Costelo’s outstanding tribute to Carol King’s iconic Tapestry album gave the Evergreen Theatre audience a truly memorable evening. She began the set alone with a few of her own songs and then her band joined her and the already fine performance went up another notch. Here is the link to the performance image gallery with a track entitled “The Birds That Wake the Day” from Erin’s recent recording “Fire & Fuss” playing over it.

Erin Costelo at the Evergreen Theatre 2011
Erin Costelo at the Evergreen Theatre

Erin really did more than do justice to these songs, singing them with her own style, but staying true to the spirit of the original recordings, giving so many of us (who could remember) the feeling of being back in the days. It was a joy to hear them.

Thanks Erin and band. We hope to see you back again soon!

All Evergreen Theatre 2011 performances can be viewed on the main gallery: here

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