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Halifax Harbour Reflections

Hello all again. My woodturning has been over now for a week or two and other things are moving in to take its place. I’m wearing my photograper’s hat again and have been busy back in the studio photographing paintings and assisting Ellie with the printing of some beautiful prints for a photographer in Texas. Every day brings something different and going out to work is always a pleasurable experience.

The new season at the Evergreen Theatre has just started and I shot the first performance last Saturday.The upcoming performers should ensure some great opportunities for some great images, I will post some in the weeks and months ahead.

I grabbed the chance to take my camera to Halifax during this last week. Between appointments I was able to make some photographs along the Halifax waterfront. It was cold and sunny and I found plenty of opportunity to shoot some of the wonderful reflections that can be found everywhere. I find the slightly abstract and dreamy qualities of reflections a compelling subject and I always find myself exploring this inexhaustible subject matter. Above is one such example.



Comment from Patricia Bourque
Time: March 12, 2007, 4:37 pm

Steve….This photo is excellent! You have done with just a camera and a whole lot of talent what would take someone hours to do on a computer – if they could indeed do it. (Does this read like a compliment? It’s supposed to be!). You are so good at everything you do.

Best regards,


Comment from bookyeti
Time: March 12, 2007, 5:21 pm

Lovely photo, Steve.

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