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4th Annual Canadian Deep Roots Music Festival – Wolfville 2007

Deep Roots 2007 Photo Galleries all online!

October 5th update: At last all of the Deep Roots Galleries are online for viewing. Click above or on the links to music galleries to find them, and enjoy the photographs of that wonderful weekend!


The energy was palpable and the atmosphere electric this past weekend at the 4th annual Deep Roots Music Festival. According to the buzz that we heard last night the weekend was an unqualified success from the point of view of the organisers, volunteers, audience and performers.

Galleries of Deep Roots Festival

The galleries of the performances and the Festival are being prepared as I write and the first ones are available for viewing here. I hope they give all who were not able to attend a bit of a feeling of the wonderful weekend and bring back good memories for those who were there – performers, volunteers and audience members alike.

Mary Gauthier at Deep Roots Music Festival, Wolfville, 2007

Ken Whiteley at Deep Roots Music Festival, Wolfville, 2007


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