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Sultans of String delight the Evergreen Theatre

Everyone we had spoken to who had seen the Sultans of String at Stanfest had raved about them, so we were especially keen not to miss their visit to the Evergreen Theatre. They lived up to everyone’s high expectations and even exceeded them on that wonderful evening. The night also opened with a performance by Ontario singer songwriter Lynn Hanson whose simple yet powerful delivery was really appreciated by the enthusiastic audience. Here is the link to the Sultan of String image gallery with a track entitled “Travesia” from their album “Yalla Yalla” playing over it. Lynn Hanson’s image gallery is accompanied by “Off this Train” from her album “Once the Sun Goes Down”. Read on for more thoughts on the evening.

Sultans of String at the Evergreen Theatre
Sultans of String at the Evergreen Theatre

The Juno award nominated Sultans of String were represented by three members of the group, namely Chris McKhool, Kevin Lalibert√© and Drew Birston and their combined talents and infectious enthusiasm had the audience practically out of their seats, clapping along to almost every piece to the point where I began to fear for the very structure of the building. It’s true the audience had a wonderful time, but we certainly had the impression that no one had more fun than the three Sultans! Amidst the fun, the power of music to bring change to a community was really brought home to the audience when Chris spoke about a project that he supports in the far North where children are given instruments that represent hope for their future. The Sultans’ beautiful piece ‘Hope’, composed up North seemed to transport all of us to that far off place as it moved and wove the tune like the Northern Lights themselves.

Lynn Hanson at the Evergreen Theatre
Lynn Hanson at the Evergreen Theatre

Thank you, Sultans of String and Lynn Hanson, for entertaining us all that night at the Evergreen.

View the Sultans of String gallery: here

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Ellie and Steven

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