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Olympic Symphonium – a unique sound at the Evergreen Theatre

Olympic Symphonium is a band with a unique and quietly understated sound that gently draws you into its depths. While I was listening to their concert I found myself flooded with metaphors to describe the experience and all of them positive. Honestly, I was expecting them to be a bit bland from their writeup (sorry fellas) but was absolutely seduced by their sound. I watch the audience during concerts to see how they are reacting and I would say that everyone in view was feeling as I was. View the image gallery with the track “A Lot to Learn” featured playing on it from the band’s recent CD “The City Won’t Have Time to Fight”. For those who want more of my thoughts on this concert, read on.

Olympic Symphonium at the Evergreen Theatre 2011
Olympic Symphonium at the Evergreen Theatre

The compelling effect of Olympic Symphonium’s music is due to the quietly insistent, gently harmonious sounds, much as rich, hanging moss over a dark pond beneath will inspire reflection and contemplation. This feeling is enhanced by Dennis Goodwin’s lap steel guitar weaving its distinctive sound around the rest of the instruments and voices. With Graeme Walker, Kyle Cunjak and Nick Cobham switching up to sing lead vocals (for their own compositions) and changing instruments as smoothly, the set was fluid and relaxing. This is not to say it was light weight, as at the same time the music stirred up undercurrents of deep feelings beneath the calm surface.

The entire concert had a consistency of mood and theme that flowed throughout the evening as they played songs from their previous releases and this latest CD including some of my favourites – ‘Picture That’, ‘Cold and Unbearably Blue’, ‘History Repeating’, ‘A Lot to Learn’, ‘Settle Down’ and the faster paced ‘This Flame’.

This was a great evening from a unique band!

Direct link to the image gallery (music playing over except on mobile devices).

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