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Meaghan Smith charms the Evergreen audience again!

Meaghan Smith has several awards under her belt since we last saw her perform, including for 2011 both a Juno and an ECMA (Pop Recording of the Year) and it is easy to see why. Although the Juno was for ‘best emerging artist’, Meaghan has a confidence and a connection with her audience that belies the ’emerging’ tag and shows her star quality. Here is the link to the performance image gallery with a track entitled “Soft Touch” from Meahan’s recent CD “The Cricket’s Orchestra” playing over it.

Meaghan Smith at the Evergreen Theatre 2011
Meaghan Smith at the Evergreen Theatre

Meaghan’s beautiful strong clear voice filled the venue whether she was singing accompanied by Jason Mingo her guitarist hus’band’, playing her own guitar or having fun with her Omnichord. While her performance is polished and professional, it also has a warmth and enthusiasm that endears her to her audience. The feeling we were left with when the show was over was one of irrepressible happiness.

Thank you again for bringing such joy to the Evergreen Theatre, Meaghan.

All Evergreen Theatre 2011 performances can be viewed on the main gallery: here

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