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Madison Violet – “The Good In Goodbye” CD Release Concert at the Evergreen Theatre

Madison Violet’s CD launch performance that night at the Evergreen was a classic – sold out, standing room only, with full toe tapping, foot stomping audience participation.This link takes you straight to the image gallery with the track “Fallen By The Wayside” (co-written with Ron Sexsmith) featured playing on it from the duo’s brand new CD “The Good In Goodbye”. For those who want more of my thoughts on this concert, read on.

Madison Violet at the Evergreen Theatre 2011
Madison Violet at the Evergreen Theatre

This performance had to be one of the 2011 audience favourites at the Evergreen Theatre. The fact that the show was an early sellout was a pretty good indication that this would be the case and the mood that night certainly proved it. Brenley MacEachern and Lisa MacIsaac who make up the duo were upbeat and engaging and everyone caught this spirit and joined right in. The request for audience help with delicate harmonies and choruses got instant and enthusiastic support and the two singer songwriters were not just fun and lively. They were tight and professional in their delivery, giving an excellent performance in spite of the occasional interference from the bugs in the sound system.

As this was part of their CD release tour, the set list featured many tracks from their new CD but also included some old favourites. The track playing over the gallery is one that brings back good memories of the evening as it was one where the audience’s harmonies brought a special and unique quality to the sound.

Another excellent concert presented at the Evergreen Theatre. I hope they come back soon and I know I am not the only one.

Direct link to the image gallery (music playing over except on mobile devices).

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Ellie and Steven

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