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Jon Brooks – songwriter who untangles this world into song

Jon Brooks is a man with a message in the traditional folksinger style. It’s been some time since we have heard new work that comprises such powerful songs of love and protest, songs that are social messages and commentary. His lyrics are compelling, passionately delivered and really encourage the listener to think about these issues at the same time they entertain. (Quick link to Jon Brooks’ gallery with a track entitled “The Crying of the Times” from his CD “Rust Nor Moth”

Jon Brooks at the Evergreen Theatre
Jon Brooks at the Evergreen Theatre

Many of his songs seem to end with a note of inquiry. They almost seem to be waiting for the listener to respond. It’s a powerful way to keep the thought going in our minds so that we are not left feeling that these issues are someone else’s concern. Jon Brooks’ goal in his folksongs is to share stories and generate empathy for others, somewhere else. He certainly achieves that, in particular with his song “If we keep what’s within us, what’s within us will kill us, but if we give what’s within us, what’s within us…” a song worth checking out the lyrics on his site

View the gallery: here

Great show, thanks, Jon!


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