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Joel Miller and Amelia McMahon – Jazz (East) Margaretsville

Jazz at the Evergreen Theatre featuring the Joel Miller band was a double pleasure. First of all the music was outstanding as was expected of a group of this calibre and second, the band featured vocalist Amelia McMahon whose roots are buried deep in the local area and some of whose earliest singing performances were at Fundy Folk (an earlier incarnation of the Evergreen Theatre). View the photo gallery here or read more below.

Joel Miller

Joel Miller at the Evergreen Theatre

The talented Joel Miller was also accompanied by Greg Amirault on guitar, Fraser Hollins on acoustic bass and Martin Auguste on drums.

The photo gallery of this performance can be viewed here. A track entitled “Chickadees Other Song” from Joel Miller’s CD Tantramar is featured over the gallery.

Amelia McMahon
Amelia McMahon at the Evergreen Theatre

Thanks to all for giving us a such a great night of Jazz.


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