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Gypsophilia returns to the Evergreen Theatre for a great night!

After taking Deep Roots Music Festival by storm this year, Gypsophilia’s concert at the Evergreen was keenly anticipated and sold out, packed to overflowing. The concert was terrific as expected. Unfortunately I am too short of time to write a detailed review of this show, but the evening’s performance is represented on the gallery with a track playing over it, to give you a feel for the night. This link takes you straight to the image gallery with the track “Montreal” playing over it. Enjoy!

Gypsophilia at the Evergreen Theatre 2011
Gypsophilia at the Evergreen Theatre

Direct link to the image gallery (music playing over except on mobile devices).

All Evergreen Theatre 2011 performances can be viewed on the main gallery: here

Ellie and Steven

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