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Amelia Curran – the show that DID go on – in spite of everything!

The Evergreen Theatre is well known for providing first class performances and for always featuring a top name as the last act of the season. This year they have again come through with flying colours in that tradition, in spite of what might have seemed to be enormous odds against them! Award winning singer songwriter Amelia Curran owing to illness had to reschedule her concert due to be on the Sunday night, but played on Thursday night before a great and appreciative audience. Here is the link to the Amelia image gallery with a track entitled “The Dozens” from her award winning album “Hunter, Hunter” playing over it. Read on for more about how the drama unfolded and the evening’s performance.

Amelia Curran at the Evergreen Theatre
Amelia Curran at the Evergreen Theatre

It really was a night that seemed doomed not to happen. First the illness of the main performer Amelia Curran, with no certainty that she would be better in time to play that week. Then, once she committed to the Thursday night performance, all who had bought tickets at what had been a sold-out show had to be informed, in the hopes that most would be able to attend on the alternative night. Fortunately, many could. Then we got “THE STORM” believed by many to have included tornado-like winds. This is now, happily, history, but over 90,000 Nova Scotia homes were without power from the Monday until the last were finally reconnected on the Friday evening. The Evergreen Theatre had not suffered any physical damage, fortunately, but by mid morning on Thursday there was still no power at the venue. No power = No show. It was decided to make the big decision at noon, but a pleading call was placed to the NS Power people. Just before noon, the power was switched on and the concert was a go!

Don Brownrigg at the Evergreen Theatre
Don Brownrigg at the Evergreen Theatre

Concert goers arrived in good numbers and were able to admire the new hand painted sign on the front of the building, which had been hung just before the storm.

Promising balladeer, Don Brownrigg opened for Amelia and his songs of the gentle yearning of an expat Newfoundlander struck a chord with many in the audience. He finished his set with Amelia backing him on a favourite of mine “In It”.

“Amelia Curran is a top award winner this year, taking home Music Nova Scotia’s Female Artist Recording of the Year, SOCAN Songwriter of the Year, and Album of the year for her most recent release, Hunter, Hunter.” On that night at the Evergreen, Amelia sang many songs from this album, as well as from her previous CD “War Brides”. Among the songs she performed were some of my favourites and of those of the audience, including “Bye Bye Montreal”, “Last Call”, “Wrecking Ball” and “Tiny Glass Houses”. It was an excellent ending to the year, in true Evergreen Theatre style, finishing with a call for an encore where she played a request from an audience member “All the Ladies”. Incidentally, Amelia’s popularity was evident by the number of people who sang along with her performance!

Thanks for a great year, Evergreen Theatre and all who run her, and to Amelia Curran and Don Brownrigg for a great last show of 2010. See you all next year!

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Ellie and Steven

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