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Use of Photographs

If you would like to use our images of your performance, our charges follow below.

Please note that these charges are entirely discretionary and only apply to legitimate use with written permission of the owner (photographer). Unauthorized use will be charged at full commercial rates as found (for example) on Getty Images, Rights Managed, non exclusive use for the purpose and duration for which they are found to be in use. The charge will be doubled (or greater) for this unauthorized use and this will be doubled (or greater) again for failure to display photo credits. We will not hesitate to pursue those who infringe on our intellectual property rights.


$75 plus tax to prepare each image from the raw file ready to your specs for promo purposes (a high resolution file suitable for print plus a websize image) sent to you by ftp or burned to a disk including postage.

They will be white balanced, noise removed and optimised for print (in colour or BW as you request) and sent as a high res file to the size you specify. Of course you will also be able to resize them for other uses.

Photographer’s credits must be displayed where they appear as near to the image(s) as is physically possible, design being taken into consideration.

Web Use:

If you are interested in having images for the web use only sent to you by email or ftp, we will optimise and output at web size – please specify size if you have a preference – for $15 per image, with a minimum charge of $60 which can include up to 4 images, ordered at the same time. If you require these to be sent on a CD as opposed to email or ftp there is a further charge of $20 per CD.

This permits the promotional use of these images on the artist’s website or other websites promoting events featuring the artist. Photographer’s credits must be displayed on the page as near to the image(s) as is physically possible, design being taken into consideration. They must not be used in print.

Payment methods:

We accept personal cheques drawn on Canadian or US accounts, Interac email bank transfers (from Canadian banks) or credit card (Mastercard, Visa) or Paypal payments. For payments using credit cards and Paypal, an additional charge of 3% is made.

Your images will be prepared and sent to you by your preferred method once payment has been received.

Live Performance Photography:

If you wish, I will come to the venue where you are performing and shoot the performance for you. Contact me for rates and information.