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A night of Far Eastern Music and Dance in Margaretsville

David O’Leary, theatre manager, had a dream… to one day bring classical Indian music and dance to the stage of the Evergreen Theatre in Margaretsville. Last Friday that dream came true when Vineet Vyas, Bageshree Vaze and Ron Allen, accompanied by special guest Vijay Vyas performed there, presented by Debut Atlantic. It was an interesting, excitingly colourful evening, full of stories, exotic rhythms from the tablas, songs and music from flute and harmonium and beautiful dancing. Go straight to the photograph gallery of the performance here or read on for more about the performance. (NB. The music playing over the gallery is not by the group.)

Vineet Vyas, Bageshree Vaze, Vijay Vyas

The music which was mainly from North India gave us a wonderful taste of that style and showed how skillfully a human voice can be used as a musical instrument, to float between specific notes in a melody that enhances and is enhanced by the rhythmic tablas and the gentle low wooden flute – almost a musical echo.

Bageshree Vaze

The second half of the performance featured Vineet Vyas’ father Vijay on harmonium, with Bageshree dancing.

You can see the gallery of photographs of the night here.

Sadly there is none of their exotic music with this gallery, but I have included a track of world music for ambiance!


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