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Richard Donat reads Stephen Leacock at the Evergreen

Richard Donat reads Stephen Leacock at the Evergreen Theatre

(View gallery) Last night, with a major winter storm brewing, those who ventured out to the little Evergreen Theatre in the woods by East Margaretsville were treated to a wonderful performance by the gifted Canadian actor, Richard Donat. Richard entertained us all by not simply reading, but acting out the various characters in the works he had chosen to perform by Canadian humourist Stephen Leacock. The evening was highly entertaining and we hope that the photo gallery that has been added to the Evergreen Theatre 2007 page gives a little taste of this for those who could not be there and a reminder for those who attended. We managed to make it home though the snow was falling thick and fast and finished by dumping 12 inches on us in the night!

Thank you Richard for a memorable night!


Comment from Richard Donat
Time: April 9, 2007, 11:06 am

Thanks for the generous comments and I love the photo. I had a good time desite the small turnout. The material is so much fun to read. I would be interested in acquiring some photos. Can I get to see more of them? Hope to hear from you. Regards Richard

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