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A Night in Seville…er Margarets(e)ville with El Viento Flamenco

If you had been at the Evergreen Theatre Saturday night, watching the spectacular performance by El Viento Flamenco, you could have been forgiven for thinking you had been whisked away to an exotic sultry night in Spain. View gallery or read on

Evelyn Benais of El Viento Flamenco

This award winning group (2007 ECMA Winner – Roots/Traditional Group Recording, 2002 Lieutenant Governor’s Award of Excellence) comprises six talented performers – Dancer Evelyne Benais, Singer Sean Harris, Singer and Dancer Maral Perk, Dancer Megan Matheson, Guitarist Bob Sutherby and Percussionist Tony Tucker – who blend seamlessly into this tight knit troupe bringing their own unique interpretation to this fascinating music and dance of the Gypsies (Roma) of Southern Spain.

The opening piece El Viento performed served as an ideal showcase for each of the performers and gave us a taste of what was to follow. These lithe, sinuous dancers with their graceful elegance and the skilled musicians brilliantly conveyed to us the full gamut of emotions that night as they wove their tales in dance and song: from the delightfully coquettish and the sensuous through heart-rending mourning for a dead mother and the passionate and defiant rejection of death, the deep sorrow of exile, as well as the tender and moving lullaby sung by Sean Harris. To quote their website “Sean’s “voz clara” is perhaps the most defining element of El Viento Flamenco’s sound.” We in the audience were able to fully appreciate his mastery of the distinctive technique known as ‘Melismas’ and his rich voice even in the gentle tones of the lullaby as the intimate venue and acoustics permitted us to hear every subtle nuance even in the balcony. (read on…)

Megan Matheson of El Viento Flamenco

Bob Sutherby’s dynamic guitar and the subtle and compelling pervasive percussion accompaniment of Tony Tucker rounded the performances perfectly and each added his unique talent to the mix.

Many thanks to all of you for a wonderful performance. We really hope that you will come back to the Evergreen again soon! The photo gallery of the performance features a track from their award winning CD “El Viento in Concert”.



Comment from Peter Mowat
Time: November 1, 2007, 9:00 am

As always, your pics and write-up are incredible. Thanks for sharing.

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