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Coco Love Alcorn

Coco Love Alcorn has a large fan base in Nova Scotia, Toronto and Vancouver – in short, all across Canada – and anyone who has attended her concerts can quickly understand why. A quick link to the photo gallery of her Evergreen Theatre performance can be found here.

Coco Love Alcorn
Coco Love Alcorn

Coco’s performance on this tour has plenty of surprises in store (no, I am not going to spoil them all for you!) and one of them is that she has an extended family that is full of musical talent. Her cousin Lindsay is touring with her on backup vocals and at any point on her tour you might find other family members popping up for surprise appearances.

On this tour she is also accompanied by drummer Alejandro Abarca, from Chile, which added another dimension to this unplugged show.

Link to the photo gallery containing the track “Go to Sleep” from her CD ‘Sugar’ here.

For more of Coco including another great track from “Sugar”, check out the HD Youtube show of her Deep Roots 2008 performance here.

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