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Bruce Guthro and Son Dylan at the Evergreen

Bruce Guthro and his son Dylan performed to a packed house at the Evergreen Theatre in Margaretsville a couple of weeks ago. Anyone who has seen Bruce perform live knows that his concerts are wonderful, and this was no exception, especially in the intimate setting of this venue. See the gallery of this performance here or read on for more about the performance.

Bruce Guthro

Time doesn’t permit me to write in detail about this show, although I must mention that it was a great pleasure to see Dylan, Bruce’s son, performing so capably with his father and seeming to be so at ease and natural on stage. The duo sang and played to the appreciative audience, including some material co-written between them.


You can see the gallery of photographs of the performance and hear a track entitled “Be Still” from Bruce’s CD “Beautiful Life” here.

Thanks Bruce and Dylan for the great concert and for your appreciative comments about the photographs.


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