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Deep Roots 2007

Photos by Steven and Ellie Kennard
Deep Roots Music Festival

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The gallery below contains the individual photo albums for the Canadian Deep Roots Music Festival, 2007.

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  • Friday Afternoon
    • – Includes shots of the festival preparation, Mary Gauthier, Annabelle Chvostek, Clearing by Noon, Andrew White, Ryan Leblanc, Ken Whiteley and Razzmatazz
  • Friday Night – Mainstage Concert:
    • Ryan Leblanc, MacCrimmon’s Revenge, Joel Plaskett, Ken Whiteley, Mary Gauthier and Carlos Del Junco
  • Saturday Morning – Al Whittle Theatre Workshops –
    • Mi’kmaq Songs and Games with Wanda Jodrey-Finigan; Singing Workshop with Ken Whiteley, Clearing by Noon, Dave Carmichael, Melissa Trottier. Festival Theatre Workshops – Puppetry with Monika Wildemann and the Wee Giant Theatre; Rhythm Workshop with Kojo and Fola.
  • Saturday Afternoon (Part 1) –
    • End of Parade and the Market ; Green Room shots; Al Whittle Theatre – With Ryan Leblanc, Mary Gauthier, Vishten, Gillian Boucher, Stephanie Domet, Scott and Ryan Hupman. The Hupman Brothers were being recorded live by the CBC.
  • Saturday Afternoon (Part 2) – Al Whittle Theatre –
    • hosted by Heidi Petracek – with Globalifax , Ken Shorley and Talambra and guests, MacCrimmon’s Revenge who were also being recorded live by the CBC (glimpse of Glenn Meisner, too!).
  • Saturday Night –
    • Acadia Convocation Hall – hosted by Gordon Stobbe and Greg Simm – with Heather Kelday, Dave Carmichael, Annabel Chvostek, Ken Whiteley, Matt Andersen and the Hupman Brothers, Andrew White and Gillian Boucher and Vishten.
  • Sunday Afternoon Part 1 –
    • Atlantic Festival Theatre – with Clearing by Noon, Dave Carmichael and Melissa Trottier, Ken Whiteley, The Hupman Brothers and Matt Andersen, Rust Bucket and T@b. Includes some Greenroom shots and audience reactions, and Alice Green, one of the stage managers.
  • Sunday Afternoon Part 2 –
    • Atlantic Festival Theatre – with host Andy Flinn, Jack McDonald, (recipient of this year’s Valley Arts Award), John Kavanagh, T@b, Rust Bucket, Ndidi Onukwulu, Ken Whiteley, Ben Whiteley, Annabel Chvostek, plus finale with Wee Giant Theatre puppets.

*Please note that these images are only small jpg images for viewing on the web gallery. If wanted for print or promo use, full optimisation will be done and hi-res tiff files will be supplied.
All images are provided courtesy of Steven Kennard, Ellie Kennard and Innovative Imaging Studio to promote the Deep Roots Music Festival, Nova Scotia and the musicians and are copyright ©2007 Steven Kennard and Ellie Kennard. All rights reserved. Please contact me if you wish prints or information on the use of these images.


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