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The legendary Gabriel Yacoub at the Evergreen

The theatre lights failed us that night (so the photographs look a little different than usual), calling for emergency measures, but Gabriel Yacoub, the legendary French singer lit up the Evergreen and warmed the hearts of the appreciative audience. Quick link to the image gallery with a track entitled “La Belle Anversoise” from his recent CD “de la nature des choses” playing over it. Read on below for more on the concert.

Gabriel Yacoub at the Evergreen Theatre 2011
Gabriel Yacoub at the Evergreen Theatre

Just to find a singer of such renown playing in the Evergreen Theatre is astonishing in itself. In Gabriel Yacoub we have a performer with such a long and impressive career that he might be expected to have a seriously superior attitude. Such was absolutely not the case as he was personable and warm, witty, friendly and down to earth to all. His performance was a well rounded mix of traditional French songs as well as his own compositions. His preambles about the pieces were as engaging as the music itself as he brought together the old world and the new with tales of tunes that he had found in Canada that had been preserved in a better state than could be found in the French tradition. His piece “Souvenirs Oubliés” (Forgotten Memories) was a poignant and beautiful reminiscence that we can all relate to, inspired by sad personal losses he incurred in a fire. He reminds us in this beautiful song of how our memories remain in our hearts for the rest of our lives, long after our physical possessions are dust or ashes.

Thank you, Gabriel Yacoub, for such a memorable concert night at our favourite theatre, in Margaretsville. Just as you expressed in the thoughts in “Souvenirs Oubliés”, we will cherish the memory of this night.

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Ellie and Steven

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