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Sagapool and David Celia Concerts videos – Evergreen Theatre

Two Recent Concerts at the Evergreen Theatre, captured in photographs and made into Youtube videos using tracks from the performers’ CDs.


Just a notice that the video of the Sagapool concert has been removed as third parties wished to make money from it by putting ads over it. I did not wish to have ads over the videos. Sorry for any who wanted to view it and missed it.

My photographs of Quebec group Sagapool in Concert at the Evergreen Theatre, with a track “DU” from their album “Sagapool” playing over the video. Great music, high energy band – the concert was terrific and this gives you some of the highlights.

David Celia

A later concert performed by David Celia is featured in this Youtube video. The track “Séverine” (the bonus track, French version) from his CD “i tried” plays over this show.

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