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Ray Bonneville – “deeply in love with playing live music”

As Ray Bonneville says, he is “deeply in love with playing live music”. This deep love of his is transmitted to and shared by his audience as soon as he starts to play and sing. Before I heard Juno award winning singer-songwriter Ray Bonneville at the Evergreen Theatre, I had only heard his music a few times, but since that concert his CD has barely left my player, it has so got under my skin! (Quick link to gallery.)

Ray BonnevilleRay Bonneville at the Evergreen Theatre

The gallery can be directly accessed here and features a track from Ray’s CD “Roll it Down”, entitled “Slow Matin”, one of my favourites of the concert.

This was another fabulous evening brought to us by the Evergreen Theatre, that introduced me to this great singer-songwriter!


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