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Po’ Girl – No Shame at the Evergreen

Canadian Urban roots band Po’ Girl seems at first glance to be just about music, fun, talent, energy – but dig a bit deeper and you will see that they are about so much more. They are deeply aware of compelling social issues that blight our society today and this tour the “No Shame Tour” is also about promoting social awareness of these issues. (Quick link to gallery.)

Po' Girl at the Evergreen Theatre
Allison Russell and Awna Teixeira at the Evergreen Theatre

The title of this Po’ Girl tour is the “No Shame Tour”. The powerful song “No Shame” performed by the group that night and available for free download from their site deals with the terrible social ill of child sexual abuse. On this tour Po’ Girl are raising money to benefit the National Children’s Alliance in the USA and Little Warriors in Canada. Partial proceeds of all Po’Girl merchandise sales from their shows will be donated to these groups and you can also donate directly from their site.

Po' Girl at the Evergreen Theatre

None of this seriousness detracted in any way from the music, energy, fun and exuberance of this talented group on that great night at the Evergreen. The group is joined on this tour by JT Nero (Jeremy Lindsay) of JT and the Clouds, who is another talented soul musician. His performance and style interwove itself seamlessly and enhanced the evening. Once again the Evergreen Theatre has brought a top notch group of performers to that special intimate venue to enrich our hugely diverse cultural experience.

The gallery here features the title track from their CD “Deer in the Night”. Enjoy!


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