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Evergreen Theatre 2010 opener – James Keelaghan

Last Saturday marked the 2010 season’s opening for the Evergreen with a show by Juno Award winning James Keelaghan, who has been called Canada‚Äôs finest singer-songwriter. (Quick link to gallery.)

James Keelaghan at the Evergreen Theatre
James Keelaghan at the Evergreen Theatre

James opened his performance with a comment that the last time he was at the Evergreen there was no heat and no sound. On this occasion the sound was excellent, the theatre was warm, colourful with the newly expanded photo gallery (see post below this one) and filled with an audience keen to be there for this exciting start to the year. James Keelaghan delivered an impressive performance, filling the theatre with his powerful voice and songs. We heard some old favourites – “Harvest Train” and the tragic “Hillcrest Mine” as well as many that feature on his new CD, “House of Cards”, including the beautiful “Safe Home” and the wonderfully onomatopoeic “Twister”.

The gallery here features the title track from that CD. Enjoy!

Thanks for such a great season opener, James!


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