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Ernst Sibtet – Voices as Instruments

Six harmonious, clear voices filled the Evergreen Theatre as the Ernst Sibtet – brothers and sisters of the renowned Lunenburg Ernst Family – performed their widely varied repertoire. (Quick link to gallery )

Ernst SibtetErnst Sibtet at the Evergreen Theatre

The singers, whose voices range from high soprano to low bass were also joined for a couple of pieces by their father, Gregg. The Sibtet is composed of siblings John, Marja, Eva, Joseph, Peter and Joshua. The A Capella pieces they featured spanned six centuries from medieval and Rennaissance through to pop contemporary – all performed with the Ernst special touch and some arranged by the group members. The photo gallery of images of the performance can be viewed here and you can listen to a track by the Sibtet entitled “I Don’t Know Why” playing over the gallery.

Thank you for a lovely and very different evening of entertainment!


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