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Kim Dunn and Thom Swift

This concert – Thom Swift and Kim Dunn at the Evergreen Theatre – was one that we had been really looking forward to. Both of these are seasoned pros in their previous lives as, for Kim, session musician and Thom, a member of well known group Hot Toddy. Their credentials were impeccable in that respect. They both bring this impressive experience with them in their ventures as solo performers and this has translated into polished world class performances that are at the same time fresh and new. (Quick link to Kim Dunn’s gallery with a track entitled “Life’s Looking Back at Me” from his CD “Take this Hammer” and Thom Swift’s gallery with a track “El Camino” from his new CD “Blue Sky Day”.)

Kim Dunn at the Evergreen Theatre
Kim Dunn at the Evergreen Theatre

Kim has a relaxed and comfortable style that engaged the audience as soon as he sat at his keyboard and they stayed with him through to his enthusiastic encore. His rendition of Paul McCartney’s Blackbird, requested for one of the encore pieces was absolutely beautiful and among the other pieces he played, my personal favourites were “Life’s Looking Back at Me” (playing over the photo gallery) and “Shine”, both from his CD. It was difficult to choose a track for the gallery as the CD is a great favourite of ours. Kim’s imaginative and fabulous musicianship is proved by the fact that he is always in great demand by some of the top performers in the country. We really look forward to hearing him again very soon.

Kim Dunn at the Evergreen Theatre
Thom Swift at the Evergreen Theatre

I had not heard Thom Swift in his solo role although knew him from Hot Toddy days and so had high expectations that he reached and exceeded with comfortable ease in this also encore worthy performance – demanded by an appreciative audience. He played many pieces from his latest CD “Blue Sky Day” (which has also joined our ‘favourites’ and been playing on repeat since that night). The material he played included some very sensitive pieces some with great power and grittiness. Again, with such an excellent selection of music on the CD it was very hard to choose just one track to play over the photo gallery, but the choice of “El Camino” we hope brings a bit of the fun exhuberance of the evening to gallery viewers.

The Evergreen audience really was spoiled to have two such accomplished musicians presented in one night in that special venue and we have Music Nova Scotia and their “Bringing it Home” program to thank for this great treat, as well as the Theatre itself.

Kim’s gallery: here

Thom’s gallery: here

Thanks Kim and Thom for a great night. We really hope to see you both back at the Evergreen Theatre again! You guys are the greatest.


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