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Danny Michel Puts on a Terrific Show at the Evergreen

Danny Michel is a great entertainer and a singer songwriter whose sensitive lyrics and music make sure that the audience leaves the theatre happy, a little more thoughtful and humming his tunes. As we knew he would (which is why we recommended to all our friends to go to the concert) he put on a wonderful show at the Evergreen Theatre as he did the first time he played there. This link takes you straight to the image gallery with the track “Feather, Fur and Fin” playing over it. I would love to wax lyrical about the show but simply have no time, so trust me, do not miss a chance to see this consumate performer when he is playing near you. In the meantime, enjoy the photographs and the track playing over it.

Danny Michel at the Evergreen Theatre 2011
Danny Michel at the Evergreen Theatre 2011

Direct link to the image gallery (music playing over except on mobile devices).

All Evergreen Theatre 2011 performances can be viewed on the main gallery: here

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