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Caladh Nua – Excitement, Energy and Excellence!

The night Caladh Nua played at the Evergreen was one of those extra special ones. This is a traditional band from Ireland composed of great musicians of considerable talent who have come together to share and spread the sheer joy they have in their music. They played a varied repertoire of traditional dance music, songs and recently composed pieces for us and you will get a feel for this in the gallery of photographs on this site. View the image gallery with two tracks featured playing on it from the band’s recent CD “Next Stop”. The first is a song entitled “The Cruel Lowland Maid” which leads into the instrumental “Miss Susan Coopers”. Thanks to the band for kind permission to use two of their tracks.

Caladh Nua at the Evergreen Theatre 2011
Caladh Nua at the Evergreen Theatre

One of the delights of this band, quite apart from the outstanding musicianship was their unassuming, relaxed, yet professional attitude. They were clearly having so much fun in their music that it was simply impossible to stop being swept up along with them in the energy of their sheer joy and exuberance. As a band they were tight, fully engaged and connected with each other and with their audience. The band is composed of Eoin O’Meachair (tenor banjo, mandolin, whistle & vocals), Paddy Tutty (fiddle, viola and bodhran), Lisa Butler (lead vocals and fiddle), Colm O’Caoimh (guitar, bouzouki and vocals) and Derek Morrissey (button accordion). (Incidentally he plays the same make of accordion that Steven does, a Bertrand Gaillard, so has impeccable taste!

I was having so much fun listening to this band that I did not jot down the set list in my usual fashion, but a few of the pieces that stand out in my mind were a particularly sensitive rendition of a beautiful song by Richard Thompson “Bees Wing” performed by Colm and Lisa; an American piece entitled “The Goldrush” played by Eoin and Colm; and a beautiful composition by Lisa Butler’s brother Eric, entitled “Farewell to You” as well as the music featured on our photo album.

It was, quite simply a great pleasure to be present. If you get a chance to hear this terrific band somewhere, grab it with both hands!

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Ellie and Steven

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