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Breeze & Wilson at the Evergreen – UK duo on their recent Maritime tour

We were very happy at the Evergreen Theatre to see these two UK musicians on their most recent of several tours of the Maritimes. Most in the audience had never heard Graham Breeze and Toby Wilson play live, but as they have become popular with Weekend Mornings listeners (see this post referring to the history of their involvement with Maritime Canadians), a respectable crowd came out for the performance. This link takes you straight to the image gallery with the track “Beacon Hill” playing over it. For more of my thoughts on the performance, read on.

Graham Breeze and Toby Wilson at the Evergreen Theatre 2011
Graham and Toby of Breeze & Wilson at the Evergreen Theatre 2011

Graham Breeze and Toby Wilson have a comfortable, relaxed approach which is much appreciated by the audiences. However do not let this comment lull you into believing that their music is light and shallow. They did perform many well known favourites such as ‘Walking my Baby Back Home” and a Beatles classic “I Will”, more than doing these justice with Graham’s mellow voice and Toby’s great harmonies and slide and guitar accompaniment. Several of their own songs, such as “What’s the Matter with Mary” and “Coming Apart Together” touch on modern social situations that have a darker side and the lyrics show real depth of understanding of the human mind.

Both Graham and Toby have a natural warmth and compassion that pervades their interpretation of the pieces and their own compositions. This is reflected in the fact that many of their performances in the UK and elsewhere are to assist in fundraising efforts for worthy causes.

We hope to see them back at the Evergreen Theatre again should they make their way across the Atlantic in the future. Direct link to the image gallery (music playing over except on mobile devices).

All Evergreen Theatre 2011 performances can be viewed on the main gallery: here

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